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Slide FEATURES Increase Your Site Performance


As ecommerce has grown in popularity so has the importance of fast, accurate site search. Elasticsearch is the leading standard in providing a fast and accurate search engine for your site. With support available for most platforms, it is our recommended solution for adding search to your site. We make it easy to add with a one-click installation of Elasticsearch available in the client portal for free on our cloud hosting packages.


Redis will allow your site to continue to perform at high speeds even with continual site growth. Redis is a caching system that constantly is working to store site memory for easy access. Plus, we make installing Redis on your server as easy as a single click in your client area.


Varnish is a web application accelerator which is more commonly known as caching. Caching is a process where incoming requests, or visitors, to your website are served saved versions of your website content. This reduces the load on your server from having to assemble the page each time a request comes in.


These features are included with all our cloud hosting packages. No matter your platform Alpha Hosting ensures your site has all the features it needs.

Managed Cloud Hosting for Magento 2. Providing Security and Reliability Without Sacrificing Performance.

Managed Cloud Hosting for WordPress. Create Robust and Reliable Websites that Fit Your Needs.

Managed Cloud Hosting for WooCommerce. Get the Best Shopping Cart Performance.

Expert Technical Support

We understand the struggles faced by growing businesses and we empathize with our customers trying to make their mark in the ecommerce space. For this reason, all of our hosting services come backed by Alpha Hosting’s expert 24/7 technical support staff. We're here to help!