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These days, cloud technology is everywhere. Currently, the vast majority of businesses utilize the cloud in some fashion, but what does that really mean?


In order to use cloud resources, organizations must have cloud hosting services in place. Cloud hosting enables clients to leverage the services and equipment of an expert provider, like Alpha Hosting. In this way, you are able to draw resources from our robust network of remote physical servers in order to establish and use a virtual environment. This environment can be utilized in a number of different ways, including to host websites and software, and house other important data that your business needs.


Cut Costs, Boost Profits


Cloud hosting frees you up from having to host these items on your own internal infrastructure. This removes the need to establish a server network and maintain this equipment on premises. Cloud hosting also helps a business save considerable money, especially where equipment investments are concerned, by switching CAPEX for OPEX. Best of all, because your company is utilizing our server network, services can be scaled on demand to suit your needs.



Increase Flexibility & Agility


Cloud hosting also includes incredibly flexible services, which can vary according to your enterprise’s current and future requirements. Our services can be adjusted depending on the CPU, memory and storage space needed to ensure that the cloud environment is unique to your business. And with our 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, you can be sure that these critical resources will always be available.



Why Virtualize?


Instantly access additional computing power without interrupting service. By using Cloud Hosting instead of buying physical hardware, you get the flexibility of being able to increase or remove resources to handle season or promotional traffic spikes.

Better Performance

Virtualization unlocks the potential for server performance by allowing servers to migrate between physical servers in real-time transparently to the operating system of a virtual machine. This means unused compute resources on particular servers in a cloud cluster can be balanced for maximum efficiency using software that audits supply and demand and rearranges the puzzle of resources in a cluster constantly for maximum performance.

Increased Reliability

The ability for a virtual machine to seamlessly move between servers in a cluster also means in the event of a physical hardware failure all virtual machines in the cloud cluster can instantly move to healthy hosts until the server is fixed. A server’s failure no longer means downtime and outages, your applications continue to operate without being affected by hardware failures.

Easy Management

Our cloud hosting allows you to effectively perform any action historically requiring physical access to a server all through a web interface. These technologies bring firewalls, load balancers and advanced networking configurations to users in easy to understand formats allowing customers to easily rearrange pieces of their environments through a single interface in easy to understand terms.

Increased Security

Our Cloud Hosting has easy to use firewalls, graphical representations of advanced network layouts and secure storage for machines hard disks all make the cloud the most secure place for your data. The servers in our cloud hosting clusters are hardened and rigorously tested for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis. We use the same technology to secure our cloud trusted by 100% of the fortune 100. Your data is safe in our cloud!

Secure Your Site with an SSL


SSL Certificates enable your website visitors to know you have invested in their safety and indicate that you provide secure transactions and data. Provide your customers with the encouragement to complete transactions knowing any information shared is within a secure environment and authenticated by a trusted Certificate Authority.



Improve Productivity with G Suite


Add G Suite by Google Cloud to your hosting plan, and start collaborating in the cloud. Get professional Gmail at your custom domain, powerful mobile apps, and 30GB of Google Drive cloud storage. Try G Suite free for 30 days.


Learn more about our available hosting addons.

Backed by Expert Technical Support


We understand the struggles faced by growing businesses and we empathize with our customers trying to make their mark in the ecommerce space. For this reason, all of our hosting services come backed by Alpha Hosting’s expert 24/7 technical support staff. We're here to help!


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