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WordPress Toolkit for cPanel

Alpha Hosting has recently introduced the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel! We are excited to announce that this toolkit is now available for free in all our cloud hosting packages. The WordPress Toolkit for cPanel allows you to install, configure, and manage your WordPress site easily. Throughout this blog we will go through how the toolkit can benefit your WordPress site and business. 

WordPress Toolkit by cPanel Installation

Installation and configuring new and existing WordPress sites is easy. If you are an Alpha Hosting client we will install the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel for you. Once it is installed, you can create a predefined theme and plugin set that can be used to auto-configure new sites as you add them. You can also make bulk updates, set up automatic updates, clone, backup, restore, and more. The toolkit’s dashboard is built to be user friendly for everyone. 

Website Dashboard

When you add the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel to your site all your production, staging, and development websites will be accessible in one place. The dashboard gives you total access to all your sites, making management much easier. You will quickly see which sites need your attention, and make the needed changes all in one place. A few other benefits of the toolkit include creating backups, site cloning, and applying updates across one or all sites with just a few clicks.

Single and Multi-Site Auto Smart Updates

Staying on top of constant updates across your site’s can be time-consuming. The toolkit will promptly recognize and apply updates to your site/sites. With this single and multi-site automatic updating system the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel frees up your time and energy for more important things. The toolkit also includes a smart updates option. Enabling smart updates means each time updates are applied a clone is made first. Then, your site is analyzed to get a baseline, the updates are applied, and the site is analyzed again to check for errors. Finally, the changes are applied to production. The toolkit also allows you to roll back these updates if needed, to provide you with total control over your sites.

Easy Site Cloning and Staging Setup

With the WordPress Toolkit, you can easily clone your website and set up a proper development environment with the click of a button. Once you’re satisfied with your changes in development, you can quickly push those changes to production. This means, no more time consuming setups or editing production sites. These features give you the ability to handle backend issues and updates on your site without having to reach out for support.

Enhanced Security Hardening Tools

Securing a WordPress is an ongoing battle against malicious actors. The WordPress Toolkit for cPanel provides 17 different security measures to harden your site. With these added, you can have peace of mind, knowing your site is secured. Plus, any security measure that makes your site work incorrectly can be easily reverted. Whether you host an ecommerce site or a blog, your data and the data of your visitors is private and these security tools help keep your site safe. 

Is This Right for Your Site?

Since the WordPress Toolkit for cPanel is totally customizable, it is perfect for any website! With the ability to build the dashboard in a way that benefits your business you can ensure this will benefit you. Being able to clone, backup, and restore your site right in the dashboard, will give more control over your site as a whole. Plus, if you are an Alpha Hosting cloud hosting client it is FREE. 

At Alpha Hosting we work to give our clients everything they need to succeed! By providing this toolkit we hope to make the management of your site more efficient. If you are not an Alpha Hosting client or are not on a cloud hosting package, reach out to our team and we will help you get started.