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How to Install and Set Up Elasticsearch on WordPress

At Alpha Hosting, we know that Elasticsearch is extremely important to your ecommerce site.  One of the key features of any ecommerce website is site search. This allows visitors to come to your site and search for exactly what they are looking for. Elasticsearch is a smarter search option that gives users search results even if there is a typo or things are labeled a different way. To make things easier for our clients we have decided to include Elasticsearch in all our Cloud Hosting packages.

In this blog we’ll cover how to install Elasticsearch through the Alpha Hosting client portal, and then how to use the Elasticpress plugin to enable the powerful search tool on a WooCommerce site. 

Step 1: Install Elasticsearch 

To get started enabling elasticsearch, go to the client area of the Alpha Hosting client portal ( Once there, choose the service that you want to install elasticsearch on. Under the actions menu click view controls and scroll down. There you will see a section called elasticsearch. Choose the version of elasticsearch you want to install and click the install button. Once it installs you will see the IP address and the port number that elasticsearch runs on. You will need these two numbers when you go to install elasticsearch on WordPress.

Step 2: Set Up Elasticsearch 

Go to your WordPress dashboard, select plugins, and click add new. Search for the Elasticpress plugin. Elasticpress takes the elasticsearch service that’s running on your server and plugs it into your site. Once Elasticpress is installed, hit activate, and a screen should pop up prompting you to enter your ip address and port number. After you have input these, you’ll be redirected to your Elasticpress dashboard. When this is set up elasticsearch will be officially ready to go on your site. Head back to your website, hit refresh, and your search should be working!

Step 3: Refresh Your Site and Test Your Search

To test your search, in the search bar search for a relevant product, but include a typo. Your site should recognize this mistake and still show the correct results. If you need help or advice with these tools, we can help! Open a ticket, send us a chat, or call us and we can help.

See a video tutorial of this process in the video below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this!