Magento Releases SUPEE-10888 Patch

Magento Releases SUPEE-10888 Patch

The Magento Security Team has released a security patch to address multiple security enhancements. We recommend strongly that you install this patch at your earliest convenience to address these issues.

The security issues this patch covers are as follow:

Cross-site scripting
Cross-site request forgery issues

Explanations of each of these vulnerabilities can be found on the Magento SUPEE-10888 page.

The patch is now available at the Magento Product Download page.

If you’re not sure how to back up your Magento in order to safely install a patch, check out our blog post from July which details how you can safely prepare your site for patching.

Remember that Magento is phasing out software support for Magento 1.x by June 2020. For more details on that, check out our blog post from earlier this month!

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