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Hello World! Our Journey to a New Brand Definition

The Why, How, and What of Alpha Hosting

Sometimes, rebranding is just a bandaid. It’s a spray of air freshener that masks the odor of bad PR. It’s a cheap paint job to cover-up slumping sales.

Sometimes, though, it’s more.

Alpha Hosting is rebranding because we share a deep desire to set a new direction. To be excited again about what we’re doing today, and where we’re going tomorrow. We needed a compass. A guide for making decisions. A new standard for measuring our performance. We’d like to share a bit about our new brand definition and how it came to be.

Step one was crafting our purpose. It’s the hardest part of the whole process, but once you dial it in everything else comes so much easier. We borrowed heavily from “Start with Why,” author Simon Sinek who popularized, “The Golden Circle,” theory. (Take a look at his popular TED Talk here.)

Each company or organization knows what they do, but for many, it’s harder to define the WHY. Our why is what inspires our team and clients through a purpose instead of a product. Putting why first creates both a bigger picture and a more exciting goal. Yes, we host web applications, but why? Why do we provide this service and how do we go about our jobs?

WHY: We believe simple solutions launch growth. 

When we sat down to define our WHY, we first talked about who we are as a company. One of the exercises we went through was to think about groups, companies, stories, etc. outside of the web hosting space we want our brand to identify with. (Yes, sharing this part publicly can be a little cringe worthy, but cringe is ok sometimes.) Here’s what came out of that discussion:

“We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy of web hosting. The Home Depot to your next online DIY project. Like Old Spice, we’re making something old and boring fun again. We’re your favorite comeback story. Those lovable and inspiring characters who overcame all odds like the Mighty Ducks, Adonis Creed, and Hermione Granger. We are Alpha Hosting.”

Working mostly with small and medium-sized businesses, we want to encourage their growth, not hinder it. If a company starts to outgrow its current plan, we want to provide them a simple stepping stool to continue its success. Our solutions should include everything a business needs to get started, to grow, or to take their business in a new direction. We are the one-stop shop for hosting. 

Together, our why statement becomes: We believe simple solutions launch growth. This statement inspires us to inspire you. We come into work each day knowing what we do helps your business grow. You can come to us knowing we’ll work to make your dream a reality.

HOW: We combine homegrown technology with needful partnerships. 

Located in Rocket City, AKA Huntsville, AL, we are a privately owned and locally staffed company. Our support team consists of knowledgeable people who are experienced in the web hosting industry. They work hand-in-hand with the management and development teams to ensure seamless experiences and innovative products.

We are proud of our technology and of our hosting capabilities. We work each day to compete with our worthy rivals in the ever-changing industry of cloud hosting. Partnering with Simple Helix, we provide a top-of-the-line data center, boasting industry-leading servers and 24/7/365 monitoring systems. 

We work directly with our industry partners to make our packages simple. Providing domains, SSL certificates, CDN, email and dynamic application capabilities, our packages make things uncomplicated. Whether you are using WordPress or Magento, whether you need 8 GB or 64 GB of RAM, we have a package for you. 

Through this, we take our why and turn it into how. We combine homegrown technology with needful partnerships. With your business in mind, we provide what we do best for what your company needs. Let us be your mission control so your business can take giant leaps. 

WHAT: We host web applications and empower businesses online. 

As a company, we know what most people see is the products we offer, but we want to share our purpose. We want you to get to know us better and to believe in us. From why to how, we finally get to what. We host web applications and empower businesses online. 

We provide scalable cloud hosting services for the applications businesses use to exist online. This is what we physically do, and what an outsider looking in sees. Behind the scenes, now that you’ve made it this far in the blog, we are so much more. 

At Alpha Hosting, we hope you’ll partner with us and see these statements in action. If you’re already partnered with us, we hope we’re living up to our goals and to your expectations. 

We may be a small hosting company, but we have big ambitions. Together, we’ll grow and improve.