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Alpha Hosting Logo: Behind the Scenes

We have officially launched our new company logo! Rebranding has been a super exciting experience for our team. The mission of the redesign was to create a logo that illustrates our personality and identity. While rebranding we talked to our team to define the kind of company that we want to be: 

“We want to exceed your expectations and bring you the best products. We believe simple solutions launch growth. Combining homegrown technology with needful partnerships, we host web applications and empower businesses online.”

With this in mind we built our logo. In this post we will break down the meaning inside our new logo and what it means to us as a company. 

Inside the icon

Our company is proud to be located in Huntsville, AL. Huntsville, is known as, “The Rocket City,” and is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the Army’s Redstone Arsenal. Wernher von Braun and his team came to Huntsville in the 1950’s, beginning the area’s involvement in space exploration.

Today, Huntsville attracts fellow space enthusiasts to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and many other von Braun inspired landmarks. When driving through North Alabama, commuters and locals recognize Huntsville by the three Saturn V rockets easily seen from highways 65 and 565.

We are a homegrown, locally staffed company. With this and the city’s exciting history we thought it would be fitting to include rockets in our branding. During brainstorming, “hometown pride,” was a common theme expressed by team members. Along with one of Alpha Hosting’s missions: empower businesses and launch growth. We felt the image of a rocket taking off was a fun representation of who we are. 

Building on the rocket launching, we were looking for an easily recognizable icon that could be used separately and in unison with our company name. Thus the A was born. (Playing on the first letter of our company: Alpha Hosting).

Our logo represents so many pieces of our company. From our location, to our core values, to our name, this image had it all. For those in the know, this simple design encompasses who we are as a company. For those just looking in, this simple design is clean, appealing and thought provoking. We hope each viewer comes to recognize the meaning and thoughts behind it. 

Our Colors

Some of you might be familiar with the Color Emotion Guide. When creating a logo we wanted our color palette to show what we want our company to look like. For this we turned to our company description and core values.

Our Why: We believe simple solutions launch growth. 

Our How: We combine homegrown technology with needful partnerships. 

Our What: We host web applications and empower businesses online.  

Core Values

  1. People First – If we take care of our people (coworkers, spouses, kids, neighbors, clients), the rest takes care of itself. 
  2. Dedication – Come to work every day knowing we’ve got your back. We know you have ours too. 
  3. Diversity – We embrace, and see the value in, our diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives.
  4. Creating Legacy – We will be obsessed with advancing a cause, not a company, and we will inspire others to join us on that journey. 
  5. Celebrate Success – We celebrate our wins, big and small. But especially the small ones because sometimes those are the hardest to accomplish. 

Our main icon color is green. Green represents growth, peace and health. 

GROWTH: Inspiring and enabling growth in our clients and each other is why we come into work everyday. 

PEACE: We value diversity and diverse experiences in and out of the workplace. As a hosting company we work with many different businesses and clients globally. Through seeing the importance of diversity we are able to embrace each client. Knowing that each individual, business and organization will be taken care of equally gives our customers peace of mind while working with us.

HEALTH: We have a people first culture, and believe that the well being of our employees is first priority. If we take care of each other first, it emboldens us to take care of our clients. Happy employees make happy customers. 

Our secondary color is orange. Orange represents friendliness, cheerfulness and confidence.

FRIENDLY/CHEERFUL: Customer support is a big part of our business. We aim to approach each request and problem with a helpful and supportive attitude. Problems are never fun, but knowing you will be connected with someone who is cheerful and ready to help makes the process much more gratifying.

CONFIDENCE: We want to inspire confidence from all our clients. Knowing we have top of the line technology and knowledgeable technical support, we hope to inspire trust and assurance. 

Final Thoughts

Through rebranding we feel we have succeeded in illustrating who we are. We know many of you were accustomed to our old branding, but we hope you will love the updates. We are still Alpha Hosting, and our goal is to provide you with everything you need to host your business online.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new design!