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PrestaShop Update v1.7.4.1 Released

PrestaShop has released an important update, version Per the PrestaShop website, some of the highlighted bug fixes in this website are:

  • Back Office:
    • Fix error while duplicating a product when catalog specific price rules are stored
    • Fix display when a module uses $this->bootstrap = false;
    • Added .htaccess to var folder
  • Front Office:
    • Fix not visible category display
    • Fix free shipping display on cart
  • Core:
    • Fix Cart::isVirtualCart() method when cart is empty
    • Fix/remove mbo from tests
    • Fixed bug with friendly URLs and Media Servers
    • Fix have cart rule today
  • Installer:
    • Reduce the number of ajax calls if the fixtures are not too larges and if there’s enough memory available
    • Catch more exceptions during install & display the error intead of a JS error


Why Should I Update?

PrestaShop is a popular platform, which makes it a prime target for attackers. Whenever a new version is released, attackers download it as quickly as users who are set up for automatic updates. As a site owner or developer, you should update to the latest version of PrestaShop as soon as it is released. Keeping up to date will help prevent you from experiencing any issues stemming from the vulnerabilities which were patched with the latest upgrade. It is also necessary to ensure that all plug-ins and themes are up to date as well, as they can allow someone to access through their own vulnerabilities.

If you are still using PrestaShop version and below, you should note that there are some flaws which allow attackers to read and write customer or employee session data, allowing them to steal business data and gain full access to the administrator panel.

What Should I Do Now?

We recommend that anyone who has not set up automatic updates log into their PrestaShop Admin panel and click the update button now. While you are there, ensure all plugins are up to date as well. Remember that those alerts are red for a reason; they are trying to get your attention.

What Can I Do In the Future?

Our service allows for an alternative automatic update system, using our installer application. You can set the installer application to back up and update any PrestaShop installation automatically. That automatic back up feature can be very helpful in recovering from issues which may arise from plug-in or theme installations. With our installer application, you can actually take a snapshot of your site files before making any changes. You will be able to ensure that you have the latest version of your site, as our backup may be from multiple hours prior to your change. If you are interested in the installer application or have any questions, please contact our Sales Team.

What If I Need Help?

Our Support Team is available via ticket to provide you with quick answers to any questions which may arise during the PrestaShop update process. Regardless of your decision to use our installer application, our Support Team is happy to assist you with backing up your site or restoring your site from a backup.