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What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is an ideal solution for any ecommerce store looking to run their business online easily and efficiently. Getting started building a Magento store may take longer, but customization options are endless. With the right developer or knowledge, merchants can create sites with mature functionality and more features than is possible with other platforms. Throughout this blog we will take a comprehensive look at the Magento platform, and specifically Magento 2. We will discuss what Magento 2 is, the benefits, and more.

What is Magento 2

Magento 2 is an open source PHP platform free for anyone to download from the Magento site. Magento 2 allows users to build, update, and maintain their websites. The first version, Magento 1, was released in 2008, but has since been “replaced” by Magento 2. In June of 2020, Magento officially stopped supporting Magento 1 and encouraged all users to switch to Magento 2. Users still on Magento 1 may face issues such as: security risks, payment issues, outdated extensions, lack of developer support, and more. However, with a secure hosting environment (like Alpha Cloud), a trusted developer, and help from the community ( you can stay on Magento 1 for the foreseeable future. 

Magento 2 brought the platform up to date including the latest frameworks, coding, and scalability. It’s superior sales aspects and loading times make it a great option for ecommerce businesses. It is a worldwide platform with multi-language options and support/development partners across the globe.

Magento 2 Benefits

Magento 2 offers advanced scalability and performance. One such enhancement is the ability to use Ajax which sends and receives data in the background without interfering with the frontend. The use of Ajax makes it simple for users to add items to the cart without a page refreshing. Magento 2 also utilizes PHP7 allowing endless customization and seamless functionality. Full page caching and Varnish compatibility are built in, making the developer and user experience much improved. 

Another benefit is the checkout process! This consists of only two easy steps by default creating a better experience and reduces cart abandonment. It offers options for guest checkouts, without the need for login and registration, as well. 

Magento 2 is compatible with third-party tools and other popular extensions (Paypal, Braintree, CDN, New Relic, etc.) which allow merchants to have better tools and functionality. Magento 2 also provides better mobile support with themes built with responsive design in mind.

The admin interface in Magento 2 is highly customizable and designed for easy accessibility of important information and management. These attributes make it easy to cut down on maintenance. Non-technical admins can now easily navigate the interface and the learning curve is significantly less steep than with Magento 1. The new admin interface also uses less server resources allowing access to everyone on your order processing team at the same time.

SEO customization features include everything from index management to HTML/XML sitemap variations. For websites looking for more advanced SEO practices, Magento 2 offers prefixes and suffixes, canonical tags, and more. All of these add-ons make Magento sites easier to find online.

Magento 2 Flaws

Magento 2 requires development expertise, so in most cases a developer will need to design, update, and monitor the site. Though Magento 2 is more user-friendly than Magento 1, complexity of PHP and endless options make for an overwhelming experience for new users.

Migrating from another platform (Magento 1, WordPress, Shopify, etc.) can require a lot of work and the loss of some themes or extensions. Basically, when launching a Magento 2 site you will be starting from scratch. If you need help finding a trusted developer, or understanding all your migration options, feel free to contact the Alpha Hosting team. 

Magento 2 Overall

Magento 2 can create amazing websites if utilized properly.  Magento’s improved site performance, customization features, and more are unmatched in the industry. If you are looking to start a new ecommerce site Magento 2 is a great choice. Though it can be resource-intensive, Magento 2 can provide more technically superior sites than many other platforms. Deciding the right platform for your business is ultimately up to you.