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Core Values Series: People First

Core values are what help shape us as a company. From tough decision making to relationships with clients, core values are a daily reminder of who we are. At Alpha Hosting we strive to live out these values and bring our best selves to work everyday.  Over the next few weeks we will let different members of our team dive into what our core values mean to them! Up first is our core value: People First.

People First: If we take care of our people (coworkers, spouses, kids, neighbors, clients), the rest takes care of itself. 

Thoughts from the team:

“People first” is a core value I’ve heard touted by plenty of companies, but it’s not something I’ve seen exemplified quite so clearly until I began working at Alpha Hosting, especially during these trying and unprecedented times.

When a lockdown was implemented that prohibited nonessential employees from travel, Alpha responded by issuing laptops to everyone and making it possible for us to work from home. After the lockdown was lifted, I explained that, due to being high-risk, I was not comfortable returning to the office right away. I was immediately told that I could continue to telework until such time as COVID-19 was no longer a concern.

At a time when many companies are scaling back expenses, Alpha Hosting has instead expanded its benefits package and provided additional health coverage, giving all of us that much more peace of mind. 

Alpha Hosting truly has the best interests of both its clients and its employees at heart. This company takes care of its employees so that we can provide the best service possible to our clients.

  • Rachel

Our core value, “People First,” is important to me because I want to come to work every day knowing that my company genuinely cares about me. If I need something or am having a hard time, knowing that I am supported makes a big difference. I believe that having happy employees encourages people to work harder and come in each day with the right attitude. We work with people everyday, so making sure we take care of our team first inevitably leads to better experiences for our clients. 

Throughout my time at Alpha Hosting, I have felt supported by the whole team. In weekly meetings we share our, “wins, losses and learns,” for the week. This allows us to not only share in work successes and failures, but also those in our personal lives. It also lets us know if someone is having a bad day or they just need to rant. These conversations bring our team together even through being remote and working different shifts.

Knowing our company has our backs through these crazy times has really embodied our, “People First,” core value. I am thankful to work for an organization that puts their employees first, and to work with a team who embraces each other. 

  • Alison