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Core Values Series: Diversity

This weeks core value is: Diversity. February was groundbreaking for us as we began working on our Core Values. Diversity happened to be one of the six values we settled on. To us, diversity means embracing and seeing the value in one another’s experiences, cultures, and perspectives. Throughout this post our team members will explore what this core value means to them and how Alpha Hosting embodies it.

Diversity – We embrace, and see the value in, our diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

Thoughts from the team:

Diversity in the workplace is defined as a range of different things. I have experienced all walks of life, and none so far can compete with the exceptionally diverse group of people I work with at Alpha Hosting. 

We come from different occupational and ethnic backgrounds. Embracing them all are key on the job. We bring past knowledge and experience to help provide a great work environment where all are welcome and no one is excluded.  

We do not let our culturally different backgrounds separate us. Instead, we come together, enlighten, and support one another’s differences. We embrace change and welcome new experiences. Our job requires teamwork, not the same work. 

Diversity is a powerful term and it’s fitting. It has given me the opportunity to experience different attitudes and approaches. To better help myself and, most importantly, our clients. 

At Alpha Hosting I share my differences: my occupational background, values, attitude and culture. Those differences have helped to create a dynamic atmosphere where one and all are welcomed. Where all our diversity can be bundled to produce awesomeness. 

Embracing our differences keeps us moving and soaring in the web hosting industry. I see us moving, and I for one, am excited to be a part of such a powerfully diverse and driven team.

  • Tamala

At Alpha Hosting we all bring something unique to the table. Being from different backgrounds gives our team the opportunity to truly benefit from diverse opinions and ideas. At Alpha Hosting we are always looking to grow as a company, in our technology and our culture. We work to make sure everyone feels free to share their points of view and life experiences with the team. Through these weekly discussions we are able to grow both personally and professionally.

Being newer to the company, I immediately felt included and valued. Alpha Hosting provides a unique opportunity for me to gain experience while learning from people of all backgrounds. Our team makes sure everyone has a chance to shine and this definitely makes us stronger as a company.

Though diversity is touted by many, from first hand experience, I can say Alpha Hosting actually embodies it.

  • Alison