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Core Values Series: Dedication

This week’s core value is: Dedication. Working at a small company means the dedication of every employee is so important! Living out this core value not only encourages people to do business with us, but it also encourages our awesome employees to continue to work for us. We are proud have co-workers who have been with Alpha Hosting for over 10 years!

Dedication – Come to work every day knowing we’ve got your back. We know you have ours too.

Thoughts from the team:

This year has reinforced the saying “shit happens.” It’s as true to our collective situation as it is in each of our everyday lives. 

When things hit the fan in our personal lives it often bleeds into our professional lives too. How do the people you work with react when this happens? 

At Alpha Hosting, our team is Dedicated to one another. We’ve got your back. 

Recently, a member of our team called me in the middle of a shift to say they needed to take the week off. Life had happened. That’s when Michael and Valeria stepped up and lived out our core value. Without missing a beat they covered the remainder of that shift, and the rest of the week no questions asked.

It’s a simple thing and yet super powerful. 

  • Josh

Being surrounded by a team who comes to work every day motivated and ready to work is a great experience. I see our core value, “Dedication,” in all my co-workers every day. We are a small company and everyone pulling their weight makes the company work. Our whole team is committed to the success of each other and the company as a whole. 

At Alpha Hosting we have each other’s backs. If someone is having a rough day we will help pick up the slack, because we know that one day they will do the same for us. Though I joined the team while the majority of the team has been remote, I have felt supported by everyone. I see my co-workers giving their all everyday and working to constantly improve. 

We interact with our clients regularly, and it is important that everyone shows the same level of professionalism and support. Our team is dedicated to living up to these expectations and exceeding them to give our clients the best experience possible. It’s a rare opportunity to work with such a dedicated team, and I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.

  • Alison