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Core Values: Creating Legacy

Our final core value is: Creating Legacy. This core value is important to us as a company because our overall goal is to empower businesses and launch growth. We want to build the steps for our clients success. When we focus on this value, it shows us the bigger picture and encourages us to be the best team we can.

Creating Legacy – We will be obsessed with advancing a cause, not a company, and we will inspire others to join us on that journey. 

Thoughts from the team:

Advancing a cause and not just a company…those are powerful words. Adding Creating Legacy to our core values was a scary thought if I’m being honest. There’s a high level of accountability when you’re trying to build something that is successful even when you’re no longer there. To me, creating legacy means:

– Helping everyone in the organization be successful in their career. Even if that means they eventually outgrow us. 
– Taking some risks, and doing things different from our competitors so our growth is sustainable. 
– Understanding this isn’t some game I’m going to win and walk away from. It’s a journey that’s as fulfilling and lasting as I decide to make it. 

  • Josh

When I was a child, I thought ‘leaving a legacy’ meant curing cancer, or ending world hunger, or…. Now, I realize that leaving a legacy means making the room a little brighter, leaving the world a little better. Now, when I think of ‘legacy’, I think of my mother.

When I run into someone I’ve not seen in years and years, they’ll say, “Michael? Is that you?” Almost without fail their next words are “How’s your mom?” My mother hasn’t invented a driverless car, and she hasn’t created a faster way to sequence a genome. But I have seen her comfort grieving strangers, I’ve heard her encourage friends. My mother is leaving a legacy by doing what she can, wherever she is.

Here at Alpha Hosting, we strive to help you in making the room you’re in a little brighter. Whether that be in better reaching your audience or serving your customers, our 24/7 tech team and 100% uptime servers are here for you.

  • Michael