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Core Values: Celebrate Success

This week’s core value is: Celebrate Success. This spring when we discussed our core values, Celebrate Success, was an important one for everyone. Working in an industry that is constantly focused on problem solving can be difficult. Every day we are faced with new and challenging problems. If we take the time to acknowledge each other for the small and big things it makes this environment better for everyone. We know that our clients need us to always be on our A-game, and through celebrating our successes we can make sure we are in the best mindset for serving them and each other.

Celebrate Success – We celebrate our wins, big and small. But especially the small ones because sometimes those are the hardest to accomplish.

Thoughts from the team:

Whenever we receive notice that there may be a problem with a website, or something to review on a server, we work hard to resolve the issue quickly. If needed, we research to gather more information on what may be causing the problem. Afterward, there is no greater feeling than receiving confirmation that the problem has been resolved. No matter how small or complicated an issue might be, we love to receive feedback that everything is working as it should be. We love to celebrate our client’s success and to know they are happy with their web hosting services with us!

Now that Covid-19 has us working separately, it’s been tough not to see my coworkers in person every day. I look forward to our weekly video chats and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. We go over things we’ve learned from the week, and if we’ve had any particularly tough issues to work on, but it’s always lovely to celebrate any wins that we have (big or small, work-related or not). Taking the time to share these successes brings us closer as a team. For me, “Celebrate Success” is a significant core value because so often it gets overlooked. I am glad to work at a company that celebrates all things, whether it be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, making new hosting options available for our clients, or working together to solve a tough problem. Celebrate success with us at Alpha Hosting!

  • Alissa

“Celebrate Success” is a great core value to me because it says we celebrate not only the big wins but especially the small wins. I have worked with other companies where the bigs wins were acknowledged more than the small wins. Here at Alpha Hosting, the small wins do not go unnoticed because we know that the success of those big goals cannot be accomplished without them.  Those small wins are celebrated with cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes, and accolades via our internal chat system.

According to Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Success to me is a sense of accomplishment when it comes to reaching the small goals that I have set for myself. When I have set and accomplished a small goal that is a great achievement, that deserves to be celebrated. Although the goal may be small, it is hard to accomplish simply for the fact that those are the ones that I procrastinate the most. The objective of setting my own goals is because I can control the nature of the goal and when it should be reached, basically controlling my destiny.

At Alpha Hosting, we control our destiny by continuing to “Celebrate Success,” whether it be big or small.

  • Valeria

I try to contain my competitiveness, but I really hate losing. What bothers me most is when losing comes from a bunch of small failures. It’s those little failures, the devil in the details, that usually make the difference. 

One of my high school coaches, Jim Bob Mickler, used to say “Do the little things right, and the big things take care of themselves.” I’ve had that echoing around in my head for decades now.  Do enough of those little things right and you’re bound to get some dubs. 

Sometimes the little things are the hardest. Especially when you need to get them right over and over and over again. That’s why I like Celebrating Success as a core value. It’s all the little things that make Alpha Hosting successful, and it’s easy to overlook them. We may not celebrate every good ticket reply, preventive maintenance completed, engaging tweet, etc., but we try. We should celebrate them. It takes doing all those things, everyday, to make us successful. 

Instead of waiting for some random milestone why not celebrate along the way?

  • Josh