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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to decide which package is right for my website?

  • There are two main factors you should look at when choosing a hosting package. First, you want to make sure the package you’re choosing has enough storage for all your files. Second, you’ll need the package to handle the amount of visitors your site receives. For instance, our Mercury package can typically handle up to about 1,000 visitors per day while our Apollo package can 25,000, or more, daily visitors. Our sales team is always standing by via chat, phones, and email to help guide you to the best fit. Here’s a quick video outlining our different packages:

How does the upgrading and downgrading process work? When can I upgrade or downgrade?

  • At Alpha Hosting you are free to upgrade or downgrade any time! If you choose the option to pay month to month, you can upgrade for your busy season or if you are expecting a lot of traffic, and then downgrade during slower months. With our cloud packages you never have to deal with migrations! Just by clicking on the package you want to upgrade or downgrade to, your package will be adjusted automatically without any downtime. 

What if I outgrow all your packages?

  • Not to worry! Our packages are designed to be stacked together to increase the capacity. As your traffic volumes grow we can use the Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury packages to build out an enterprise cluster to fit your needs. Contact our sales team for custom solutions and pricing. 

If I am currently on a dedicated or shared hosting package are there cloud hosting options that are compatible?

  • Yes! Our cloud hosting packages are competitive with most other hosting packages in the industry. We offer competitive pricing and all-inclusive services. If you don’t mind sharing who you’re currently hosting with we can provide you with some apples to apples comparisons.

When I switch to a cloud hosting package will there be a migration?

  • Yes, but only one. We will need to migrate you to a cloud hosting server, but once on there if you upgrade or downgrade you will never have to migrate again!

How long do migrations take?

  • We normally say 2 – 4 hours, but it depends on the size of your site.

Is this shared hosting?

  • No, all our hosting packages are dedicated cloud servers. Dedicated resources and no “noisy neighbors” negatively impacting your website’s performance. Our cloud hosting packages are similar to VPS hosting. 

Do I get a dedicated IP address?

  • Yes, every cloud hosting package gets a single dedicated IP address. 

Do the cloud packages include cPanel?

  • Yes, all our packages include a single cPanel account. You get a primary domain, multiple secondary domains, and unlimited sub-domains. While you don’t get access to WHM, you’ll still be able to set up multiple websites, grant appropriate access, and even build out development sites. 

Which SSL certification is included in your cloud packages?

  • We include a standard Comodo SSL for your first year.

What if I have my own SSL certification?

  • Great! Just pass the certificate information to our support team and we’ll install it for you. 

I want to include a custom app on my site, is that compatible with your service?

  • We can provide cloud services tailored to what you need to build the application. Our focus is on PHP based applications (no .NET) so we can accommodate most things. Contact our sales team for custom specs and pricing. 

Do you offer Redis?

  • We do offer Redis! You have access to a one-click Redis install from the Action Menu in the client portal. Then just use the plugin/extension of your choice to connect Redis to your application. Our support team is standing by if you need help along the way. 

Do you offer Elasticsearch?

  • We do offer Elasticsearch! Elasticsearch is available as a one-click install from the Action Menu in the client portal. We currently offer Elasticsearch versions 6 and 7 for free to all our clients. The service runs on the same cloud server as your website to reduce latency so you can enjoy the full power of Elasticsearch. 

What does it cost to restore a backup and how often do you backup client sites?

  • We back up 3 times a week on the cloud hosting packages, and keep 1 month of history! Clients never have to pay for backups or restores.

What do your affiliate packages look like?

  • We pay 200% of the first month’s cost, once the referral is a client for 90 days! This is double what most companies pay!