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Alpha Hosting in 2020

Over the last year we have made many changes to Alpha Hosting. Not only have we changed the branding, but we also have updated our hosting packages and overall procedures. With these changes we have worked to put the client first in every aspect of our business. Throughout this post we will break down these changes and why we made the decisions to make them.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We know that the availability of your site is of utmost importance and entrusting your website to Alpha Hosting is something that we take seriously. That is why we designed a rock-solid hosting infrastructure with built-in redundancies to protect against a range of potential issues. This year we changed our uptime guarantee from 99.99% to 100%. Upping the guarantee to the full 100% was an easy decision for us because we want to provide the best possible service for our clients. If we have an unforeseen issue where a site is down we will happily reimburse the client for the downtime. We hope this promise will give peace of mind to our clients and any prospective clients.

No More Late Fees

Every once and awhile everyone forgets to pay a bill, so this year we have decided not to penalize you for this. Yes, that’s right, NO MORE LATE FEES! As a company, we are on your side and we don’t want to profit from a simple mistake. Instead, we issue overdue reminders two and three days after the payment was missed. After a week, we will suspend your account, but once you make the payment your account will be unsuspended at no additional charge. We know things happen and we want to ensure that you have every opportunity to keep your account up to date.

No Charges for Restoring Backups

At Alpha Hosting, we backup your site automatically every few days and keep these backups stored for up to a month. This is your data and we include these backups in our packages, so why would we charge you to access/restore them. We know many companies charge you for these, but we decided advocating for the client is more important than collecting a fee. The rare occasions you need a restore, know with full confidence that we will restore the backups quickly and with no charge. 

Free Elasticsearch and Redis

Elasticsearch and Redis are essential for many sites, and our goal at Alpha Hosting is to provide you with everything you need to be successful. With that in mind, we have included these in any of our cloud hosting packages. We also have created step by step tutorials to ensure you know how to take advantage of these free applications.

Elasticsearch on WordPress: 

Redis on WordPress: 

Elasticsearch on Magento 2: 

Redis on Magento 2:

Zoho Mail

Email is an important part of business, and we know many people look to their hosting providers for this service. This year we decided that hosting email was not one of our strengths, so we turned to Zoho Mail. Zoho Mail continually updates their technology to guarantee a secure email experience for all their users. Undergoing routine audits and complying with multiple safety certifications, Zoho Mail is a reputable email option for your business. They also add an additional layer of security by encrypting all emails against unauthorized access. We now include Zoho Mail users in each of our cloud hosting packages. To learn more about Zoho follow the link: 

New Packages

Our goal is to provide simple hosting packages that help launch growth for businesses. We felt the variety of our offerings, differences in feature sets, and pricing didn’t meet our goal. While complexity might increase your choices, it also increases the time you spend making a decision. Time better spent with your team planning or executing the next mission. Alpha Cloud, our new dedicated cloud hosting packages, are named after the famous NASA programs:  Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Like those programs our packages are intended to build on one another. Our three packages offer the ability to scale instantly, eliminate migrations, and are supported 24×7 by our team of experts. Read more about our packages in the following link: 

New Website

This year we went through a rebranding: new logo, new packages, etc. We decided instead of updating our site with the updated logo, that we would totally rebuild. As a web hosting company, we wanted a website that we were proud of. Though the process of keeping the website fresh will never be completely over, we are excited about the new look and feel. 

Still 24/7 Support

Throughout the tough times of 2020 we know many companies are cutting back. We want to assure you that we are still offering 24/7/365 support and will not be taking this away. Our homegrown support team is Huntsville based and committed to the success of our clients as well as our business. No matter the medium (support tickets, live chat, email, or phone) our knowledgeable techs are always available to help with any issue.

More Automation

This year we are working to give our clients more freedom and control over their hosting services. We have introduced benefits such as, automatic provisioning of new servers, one-click installs (for redis and elasticsearch), one-click upgrades and downgrades of cloud packages, and we are working toward more automated and self service tools like backups/restores. Plus, we are now including the cPanel WordPress Toolkit in all our cloud hosting packages. The cPanel WordPress Toolkit allows WordPress users to have access to a new cPanel dashboard making site management easier.

Asking for Feedback

We know we are not perfect, but we hope these changes and future changes will help us be as close as possible. We have started quarterly surveys to gather feedback so we know what our clients like and dislike. Not only are we collecting the feedback, but we are doing everything in our power to implement these suggestions. Hearing from our clients is the only way we can continue to grow as a company. 

2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, but we have decided to focus this year on growth as a company. We hope these changes benefit our clients and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in their individual ventures.