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What Our Reviews Mean to Us

Over the past year we worked our butts off to make Alpha Hosting better for our clients. To do this we had to start with asking for feedback from our clients. We began sending out NPS surveys quarterly to judge our progress and uncover new issues. We obviously hope every review is positive, but we take the negative reviews and turn them into ways to grow. With the reviews we have received this year we made several changes to our platform and services overall. BUT, we are not done! Our goal is to continually grow as a company for years to come. Throughout this blog we will go through different reviews we received, good AND bad, and share how they impacted our business.

“I have been a customer of Alpha Hosting for many years. They have great customer support and are very reliable. I have received immediate support and help when needed. Thank you for your service, help and reliable hosting.” 

Our goal is to provide a service that hopefully doesn’t need a lot of support, but when clients do need support we are always available. In previous years we have scaled back our 24/7/365 support and our clients let us know that they needed it back. Since then, we guarantee we will ALWAYS have 24/7/365 support. We know that things don’t always break in business hours and we want to be there no matter what.

Not only do we want to focus on always having someone available, but we want to make response times as quick as possible. We work to ensure that tickets and chats don’t sit for more than 15 minutes. Like everyone, we sometimes get overloaded, but we have sales, sys admins and other team members ready to jump in when needed. 

“Great price for the services received. Responsive to questions and any issues encountered. Good outward communication regarding service outages and other upgrades.”

This year we updated our packages so they are the most robust in the industry. For the same price as our competitors you will get 4X the resources. This is important to us because our goal as a company is to boost businesses and empower users in the WordPress, Magento, and developer communities. To read more about our new packages click here.

This year we also began sending monthly newsletters. In the past we didn’t communicate much with our clients, but we wanted to change that. Our newsletters include website updates, packages updates, blogs, sales, and more. 

“I used to be able to get support for simple fixes on my website if something went wrong. There was a 25.00 fee for example to take me back to the last backup of the system if I crashed my site. I feel that Alpha doesn’t really have support for the little guy and maybe the revenue of the more robust sites gets all the attention.”

We backup our clients’ sites regularly, and recently we have decided not to charge for restores. We see reviews like this and don’t want to make our service a burden. Now at Alpha Hosting all clients no matter what size get free backups and restores.

We also want to give clients of all sizes the resources they need to succeed. We are working to continually publish blog posts with relevant information for our clients. These blogs include everything from step by step instructions, service details, coding techniques and more. We hope these blogs help answer any questions you may have.

“You have been very professional and helpful, especially Josh Ward.”

We want to interact with our clients. We are a small company and pride ourselves on knowing each client. We also are a small enough company that if clients come into the queue multiple times, they will likely be assisted by the same team member. Having a mutual relationship with our clients helps us recognize issues and trends quickly and easily. 

Josh Ward, our GM, jumps in to support, sales and more, to make sure he gets to know our clients as well as our support team. He is always available to talk to clients to ensure they know they are being heard.

“The best thing about Alpha Hosting is the support staff. If you have a problem, and problems come up with every host now and then, they are right on it and will spend whatever time necessary to help you out. I really appreciate the support. The thing that stops me from rating it a 10? They require that you change passwords too often. Yes, I know it’s a security measure, but to keep coming up with passwords that are secure, don’t repeat, but that you can remember . . . it gets old.”

We know changing passwords frequently can be frustrating, but we take security seriously. Websites hold a lot of data and information not only about your business, but about your website’s visitors. We don’t want anyone to obtain access to your Alpha Hosting account except you. We know this can be tedious, but we hope our clients understand. We recommend that our clients use password managers (we use: 1Password) to keep these updated without having to remember multiple passwords.

“I’ve used Alpha Hosting for many many years and AGAIN today they did an awesome job!  Every time I have a question they respond immediately.  They go above and way beyond the scope of their business to help my business be successful.”

Our support team makes a point to go above and beyond expectations. We are willing to troubleshoot issues that are not necessarily in our scope of business. Though we may not always be able to solve the issue, we want to make a point to point the client in the right direction to solve the problem.

At Alpha Hosting we want each client and potential client to have the best experience possible. We hope these monthly reviews help us fix any issues and provide a better service overall. If you are an Alpha Hosting client and think we can be doing something better, reach out and let us know! Through 2020 we have made a lot of changes and we hope to continue to grow in 2021. To find out more of the changes we have made this year check out our Alpha Hosting in 2020 blog: Here.