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A Guide to Navigating Black Friday & Cyber Monday Part 6

Holiday season is a busy time for ecommerce. More and more people are turning to online shopping. Less people are willing to face the big crowds and long lines. This gives businesses like yours a unique opportunity to capitalize on. Throughout this guide, Wayne, Alison, and Josh will share their thoughts on commonly asked questions. You will get tips and tricks to help your business to navigate through this busy season. 

Wayne is the Director of Business Development at Optasy, a web development company. Alison is the Marketing Coordinator at Alpha Hosting. Josh Ward is the General Manager at Alpha Hosting. Each brings unique experiences and ideas to help your business be successful. 

What is the best way for businesses to stand out when everyone is promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

WT: Consider starting a day early and invent  your own Black Thursday!

AM: Make sure your deal stands out externally and internally. Do your research: see what promotions your competitors have run in the past and keep an eye out for advertisements that catch your eye. Through this process you can make sure your business has a deal that stands out and creative that is eye-catching.  Update your site: Just because a customer makes it to your site doesn’t mean the process should end. Throughout your site you should ensure that they can see the deal and that it correlates to the advertisement that got them there. Remind them of the promo codes and other promotions.

If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team, this is a time you want to hire someone externally. With so many people promoting a similar sale, it is more important than ever that your ads look good and stand out.

We can help!

Prepping for BF/CM can be overwhelming. I believe strongly you’re the best person to champion your brand. When it comes to the technical stuff, the things outside your wheelhouse, it’s never a bad idea to ask for help. Optasy and Alpha Hosting would love to chat with you about where you’re at heading into this holiday season. We can expand more on what we’ve talking about here and give you guidance on all things development and web hosting. We’re here to help you get the most out of BF/CM. Email [email protected] to setup a meeting.