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Inside Alpha Hosting’s Tech Stack

At Alpha Hosting we work to build an environment that allows businesses to thrive. To do this, we make sure our technologies and infrastructures are industry leading. Throughout this post we will explore all these technologies, explaining what they are and what they do. Whether you are looking to find the answers to questions like, “What is Proxmox or Apache?” or if you are looking for a deeper dive into what we do at Alpha Hosting, this blog has it all!

Our Tech Stack

Proxmox VE

What is Proxmox? Proxmox is an open-sourced virtualized management environment, allowing users to maintain their platform via web console and command-line tools.

Proxmox at AH: Proxmox’s virtualization environment provides us with the flexibility of creating a space that fits the needs of our clients. It powers and orchestrates our infrastructure, and it’s the base level of our stack. Whether you have millions of visitors or just hundreds, we can scale the system to work best for you.


What is CentOS? CentOS, based on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), is the standard for enterprise based server environments. It has a stable base that remains secure throughout its life span.

CentOS at AH: We run CentOS 7 which allows for HTTP/2 and more security/stability than previous versions. CentOS is a very popular flavor of RHEL with a large community. This means we are able to keep your systems updated to support the technologies you need.


What is Apache? The most well known web server in the industry with 25 years of development, Apache has been the standard key component in making web sites possible. Plus, Apache has a stable base, fast performance, and the flexibility to support any web development language imaginable.

Apache at AH: Apache 2.4 is the web server running on all our cloud hosting packages.


What is PHP-FPM? PHP a popular server side language, with some of the leading content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc., being written in PHP. PHP allows websites to handle increased amounts of traffic through “workers” that respond to the site request.

PHP-FPM at AH: Our environment is setup with PHP-FPM to both improve site speed and provide support for the wide range of software available on the internet. FPM stands for FastCGI Process Manager which allows the server to automatically manage how many processes remain open for the amount of traffic your site has. We are able to fine tune the configuration to limit the maximum number of requests in order to prevent a server overload which can cause the system to crash.


What is MariaDB? MariaDB is made by the original developers of MySQL and is widely adopted today. It is designed to maintain compatibility with MySQL.

MariaDB at AH: Our environment uses MariaDB which brings wide compatibility, more stability, and better recovery features than Oracle MySQL. With MariaDB, you can be sure that your site will remain stable and scale as you grow.


What is Redis? Redis is a memory based caching system built to maintain your site speed as your traffic increases.

Redis at AH: There comes a point where you want to squeeze more performance out of your environment as your traffic increases. With how heavy some web applications are these days, Redis is available to store cached elements to memory for fast access. We make installing Redis on your server as easy as a single click in your client area.

Click here to learn more about Redis at Alpha Hosting.


What is Elasticsearch? As ecommerce has grown in popularity so has the importance of fast, accurate site search. Elasticsearch gives enterprise search features to merchants of all sizes through integrations with popular ecommerce platforms.

Elasticsearch at AH: Elasticsearch is the leading standard in providing a fast and accurate search engine for your site. With support available for most platforms, it is our recommended solution for adding search to your site. We make it easy to add with a one-click installation of Elasticsearch available in the client portal for free on our cloud hosting packages.

Click here to learn more about Elasticsearch at Alpha Hosting.