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Alpha Cloud Hosting

Our goal is to provide simple hosting packages that help launch growth for business. We felt the variety of our offerings, differences in feature sets, and pricing didn’t meet our goal. While complexity might increase your choices, it also increases the time you spend making a decision. Time better spent with your team planning or executing the next mission.

Alpha Cloud, our new dedicated cloud hosting packages, are named after the famous NASA programs from the 1960s and 1970s:  Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Like those programs our packages are intended to build on one another. Taking your business from low orbit all the way to the moon. 

When you’re trying to get to the moon there are a few features that are critical for success. Our packages are similar in that regard. All three offer the ability to scale instantly, eliminate the need for migrations, and are supported 24×7 by our homegrown team of experts.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud technology is everywhere, and the vast majority of businesses utilize “the cloud” in some fashion. What does “the cloud” really mean?

Cloud technology is the next step in virtualization. Way back, say 10 years ago, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) were popular in the hosting industry. They were great because you could take a single physical server and chop it up into smaller virtual servers. These smaller servers were a way to use dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) in a dedicated environment (root access) without the cost of a dedicated physical server. 

Cloud technology takes another step in that direction only it expands the use of hardware. Cloud hosting usually refers to a cluster of servers (yes, still physical servers in a physical data center) powering those smaller virtual machines. The limitations of a single server for resources, failover, redundancy, etc. are now gone. 

Cloud hosting provides significant advantages over owning your internal infrastructure. No more time is wasted establishing  server networks, and maintaining equipment on premise. Businesses save considerable money, especially where equipment investments are concerned, by switching CAPEX for OPEX. Best of all, if you use a trusted cloud provider like Alpha Hosting, services can be scaled on demand to suit your needs.

Our services can be adjusted depending on the CPU, memory and storage space needed to ensure the cloud environment is tailored to your business. With our 100% uptime guarantee, you can be sure that these critical resources will always be available.

Our Cloud Plans 

Mercury: $25/month or $250/year- See Details

In 1958 the United States launched Project Mercury, the first human spaceflight mission. The project’s goal was to put an astronaut in Earth’s orbit and bring them safely back to Earth. The United States successfully flew six Mercury missions, thus influencing NASA’s future programs. After Alan Shepherd’s historic 15 minute flight, President Kennedy vowed to put men on the moon. 

Much like Project Mercury this package is the starting point for launching your business online. 

cPanelTech SpecsAdditional Features
1 x Primary Domain4 CPUFree Domain (1st year)
4 x Secondary Domains8GB RAMFree Standard SSL Certificate (1st year)
Unlimited Sub-Domains40GB StorageScale on Demand
2TB BandwidthFree Migrations
25 PHP Workers24×7 Homegrown Support
Zoho Email with 5 Users

Gemini: $95/month or $950/year- See Details

Project Gemini was the second program in NASA’s human spaceflight initiative. After the success of Project Mercury, the United States worked to develop complex space travel capabilities to later support the Apollo missions. Goals for the Gemini project include:

  • Testing the abilities of astronauts and equipment in space for longer periods of time. 
  • Successfully docking and undocking from other spacecraft.
  • Performing spacewalks to see if astronauts could maneuver and complete tasks outside the spacecraft.
  • Confirm reentry and landing techniques for when the astronauts returned to Earth.

Project Gemini was able to reach these goals and paved the way to the moon landing. Our Gemini package includes additional tools to help you grow your businesses capabilities.

cPanelTech SpecsAdditional Features
1 x Primary Domain8 CPUFree Domain (1st year)
14 x Secondary Domains32GB RAMFree Standard SSL Certificate (1st year)
Unlimited Sub-Domains80GB StorageScale on Demand
6TB BandwidthFree Migrations
75 PHP Workers24×7 Homegrown Support
CloudFlare Pro
Zoho Email with 15 Users

Apollo: $225/month or $2,250/year – See Details

The Apollo mission is still one of the greatest accomplishments of humankind. Landing on the moon, collecting data, making it safely home, and then doing it again is an incredible feat. As the third human spaceflight program everything NASA had done was leading up to this point.  Each step along the way increased their knowledge and skills so they could push farther. 

We want all our clients to be successful and reach their “moon”. When you’re ready to strap into the Apollo package we’ll be there to make it a successful mission.

cPanelTech SpecsAdditional Features
1 x Primary Domain16 CPUFree Domain (1st year)
29 x Secondary Domains64GB RAMFree Standard SSL Certificate (1st year)
Unlimited Sub-Domains160GB StorageScale on Demand
10TB BandwidthFree Migrations
200 PHP Workers24×7 Homegrown Support
CloudFlare Pro
Zoho Email with 30 Users

Are all of these plans too small for you? No Problem! Reach out to our sales team and we can build something just for you! At Alpha Hosting, our success is your success. We look forward to supporting your business in the future.