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PHP developers may want to use SFTP to transfer website assets and code to a cPanel server with their favorite programming language. This scenario may seem impossible if php throws an error when attempting to call the underlying SFTP software and server refuses to install the necessary dependencies.

If you're human like most of us, then you have probably had the unfortunate experience of losing hours (or even days) worth of work due to an accidental coding mistake or mis-typed command. When this happens, the end result is spending even more time trying to duplicate the work that was lost. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an "easy" button that could be used to instantly revert such a mistake?  This article will explore how you can create your very own "easy" button by manually backing up your site which will allow for instant rollbacks when needed.

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer that can greatly improve your productivity on the command line. You can use tmux instead of opening multiple terminal windows on your local machine. With tmux you can ssh into multiple systems from a single terminal session without wasting time touching

This article will teach you how to install and configure Pure-FTPD on CentOS 7 without a control panel (such as CPanel). Pure-FTPD is a simple File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server. It is designed to use resources efficiently and supports useful features like secure connections, IPv6, and virtual users (for jailing security). *Important Note: Do not follow this guide if you are using a control panel such as CPanel or DirectAdmin! Pure-FTPD is already installed and can easily be configured with a point-and-click interface.  Before we get started, you will need a CentOS 6 installation with either root or sudo access. The entire installation will take approximately 15 minutes.