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What is Backdrop CMS?

Backdrop CMS is used to build and edit websites. These website’s can vary from a simple blog, to a complex ecommerce site. Backdrop is equipped with modules, themes, layouts, and more making creating a custom website easy for tech savvy and inexperienced users. Throughout this blog we will take a comprehensive look at the Backdrop CMS platform. 

What is Backdrop CMS

Backdrop is an open source content management system written in PHP. It was launched in 2015 as a fork of Drupal 7 to serve an audience who finds the Drupal 8 interface too complicated, and feel bound by WordPress’s more limited capabilities. Backdrop’s mission is to enable users to create customized websites simply and affordably. Their target audience includes developers and business professionals in the ecommerce, education, and non-profit spaces.

Backdrop and Drupal 7

As Drupal no longer supports Drupal 7, many users wanted to continue to use this platform. Backdrop was created to fill this need. It is a modernized version of Drupal 7 created to improve the software and functionality. This provides a better option for Drupal 7 users who want to stay up to date but don’t like the changes that come with Drupal 8.

Backdrop Benefits

Downloading Backdrop is easy and free. When you go to the website (, you can demo and download the program. Once downloaded, you can create customized, responsive websites. Backdrop provides free modules, themes, and layouts making the user experience easy. With these features and the ability to write your own code, you can create any type of website. 

Backdrop works to make updates easier by providing backwards compatibility. This means API changes will be kept to a minimum so your code can be easily maintained. It also provides security-hardening features to keep your website and its data secure. 

Backdrop is built to be simple. If you want to write the majority of your site in code, the platform sets this up to be easily read and built upon. The platform itself has low requirements so users can use affordable, manageable, and proven systems. 

As a smaller community, Backdrop often shares thoughts, opinions, and tips from users of all proficiency levels. This also allows for more interaction between the core team and users in general. 

Backdrop Drawbacks

As a relatively new platform, Backdrop has fewer contributed modules and users than other platforms. This means that there is a smaller online knowledgebase across the web and less external support is available. However, more and more Drupal 7 users and developers are adopting and improving this platform. 

The majority of the Backdrop community consists of developers. Though the system is relatively easy to learn, novice users may not be able to find as many beginner help articles as other platforms.

Backdrop has a specific target audience of small/medium sized businesses, education, and nonprofits, so larger website’s may outgrow the platform eventually. It is built for website’s that need high functionality, but at a lower cost, creating a more niche audience. 

Backdrop Overall

As a CMS platform, Backdrop is a great option for Drupal 7 users, developers, and those looking to start from scratch. The increased functionality available from Backdrop allows users to create their websites without worrying about limitations, updates, and other hindering factors. Plus, when users are looking for a hosting site, Alpha Hosting provides a cloud hosting free trial to all Backdrop users! Click here to learn more.