Build a Custom Server

Each one of our dedicated servers is tailored to fit your exact needs.Each dedicated server starts with a base HP BL460c for $141.00 monthly. Configure your CPU, RAM and Hard Drive below. Custom servers are available in the US and UK!

Choose CPU

Dual Core

Processor Single Dual
Xeon E5503 (2.00 GHz) $27 $54

Quad Core

Processor Single Dual
Xeon X5672 (3.06 GHz) $147 $294
Xeon X5667 (3.06 GHz) $141 $283
Xeon L5630 (2.13 GHz) $65 $130
Xeon L5520 (2.26 GHz) $41 $83
Xeon E5640 (2.66 GHz) $74 $148
Xeon E5630 (2.26 GHz) $65 $130
Xeon E5620 (2.53 GHz) $54 $109
Xeon E5506 (2.13 GHz) $37 $78
Xeon E5507 (2.26 GHz) $39 $75

Hex Core

Processor Single Dual
Xeon L5640 (2.26 GHz) $80 $161
Xeon E5645 (2.40 GHz) $61 $122
Xeon E5649 (2.53 GHz) $77 $155
Xeon X5650 (2.66 GHz) $80 $161
Xeon X5660 (2.80 GHz) $104 $207
Xeon X5670 (2.80 GHz) $114 $228
Xeon X5675 (3.06 GHz) $128 $257

Choose RAM

PC3-10600 DDR3 RAM

Size Cost
2GB $4.00
4GB $9.00
8GB $13.00
16GB $26.00
32GB $52.00
64GB $104.00
128GB $209.00

Choose Hard Drive


Type Cost
1×100 $30
2×500 $61
1×1000 $50
2×1000 $100


Type Cost
2×146 $48
2×300 $65
2×450 $85
2×900 $144


Type Cost
2×72 $50
2×146 $65
2×300 n/a

Custom Server Addons

Q:Ngnix Config $150

Nginx provides a unique combination of a web server, a caching proxy with a low memory footprint and a load balancing solution. For serving large amounts of static traffic, Nginx requires fewer system resources than the Apache web server.

Q:Varnish Config $150

Varnish is a web application accelerator. By caching commonly accessed pages of your site, it can significantly speed up page loads while at the same time reducing the CPU load on your server. We will install and customize the Varnish configuration to provide maximum efficiency for your server.

Q:Litespeed Web Server $55-$125/mo

1 Core $55/month
4 Core with Cache $125/mo
LiteSpeed is an enterprise level web server developed specifically to provide the highest performance in web server technology. It can deliver up to 10x performance gains than a traditional Apache web server.

Q:Load Balancing $150/mo

F5 VIPRION load balancing ensures that traffic gets distributed to the least-used server, further optimizing the performance of your eCommerce infrastructure.

Q:Data Recovery $25.00

Completion times will vary depending on how much information needs to be restored.

Q:1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth $249/mo

Prevent network bottlenecks by opening your server to a full 1Gbps network connection. Our unmetered bandwidth offering means that you can use your 1Gbps line to its full potential without unnecessary traffic limitations or caps.

Q:KVM Access $30/mo

Remotely access your physical server properties to perform remote reboots on demand at any time needed.

Q:R1 Soft CDP $25 + $0.50/GB used

Rest easy knowing that your server has been securely backed up off-server. Your valuable data can be restored any time you may need and can even be restored to alternate locations to allow comparison of current data to previously backed up data.

Q:Web Application Firewall $150/mo

Our redundant F5 VIPRION hardware-based firewall provides uninterrupted security for your network and Internet connections. Combined with our Intrusion Detection and Protection System, your servers are protected against DoS attacks, port scans and other advanced intrusion attacks.

Q:Professional Installation $24.95

Alpha Hosting will install any of the software supported by our one click installation service on your behalf!

Q:Remote Database Access $25/mo

One of the largest bottlenecks for any server can be found in the local database queries. Increase site performance and decrease server load by storing your database on a remote server and dedicate your server resources to serving web traffic.

Q:EdgeCast CDN $0.70/GB used

Using our Content Delivery Network, get faster load times for visitors from servers that are strategically dispersed into common geographical locations with high throughput.

Q:CloudFloor Distributed DNS $100/mo

Offer over 20 node locations around the world on our intelligent hybrid network, CloudFloor DNS ensures that your queries are processed close to where your servers are.

Q:Email Protection Service $7.95/mo

Defend your inbox against spam and other threats.

Start building your server! Don’t see what you need? Just request a quote instead!