CVE-2014-0160 Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

A major vulnerability has been found in OpenSSL, the open-source software used to encrypt and secure web communication, that could potentially allow attackers to steal sensitive information normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption. The vulnerability CVE-2014-0160, dubbed the “Heart Bleed Bug,” does not require authentication or local access to be exploited which makes this a very severe problem.

Alpha Hosting takes this matter very seriously. To secure our users and prevent unauthorized attacks against the content they protect with SSL/TLS encryption, we have taken steps to ensure that all servers we host have been patched against this vulnerability.

If you are using SSL/TLS encryption with a server hosted by Alpha Hosting, you can rest easy knowing that the appropriate action has been taken to keep your data secure. If you are not currently using SSL/TLS encryption and have an eCommerce presence, then we highly recommend that you get an SSL certificate to provide SSL/TLS encryption for your online store and customers. If you would like help setting up an SSL certificate for your store, please call or open a support ticket and our technical team would be happy to assist you. If you do not already have an SSL certificate, then you can get started for just $49.95 per year if you purchase through Alpha Hosting:

Minecraft Hosting is Now Available!

Minecraft Steve

Alpha Hosting is excited to announce the launch of our new minecraft hosting plans!

Alpha Hosting offers Minecraft server hosting plans that let you play, extend, and mod Minecraft with friends. Starting your Minecraft server at is as simple as choosing an Alpha Hosting Minecraft server hosting plan, paying, and connecting to your custom Minecraft server IP address. There is no port forwarding required and your server remains on around the clock. That way, your friends can contribute to your world even when your computer is off. We also give you the tools, knowledge, and support to make customizing your Minecraft server fun and easy. Our Minecraft servers are packed full of features. For more details visit the webpage here :

Each Node Features:

12 cores, Intel Xeon X5650
500GB Storage
1Gbps connection
Atlanta location
FTP Access to your files
MySQL Access for your mods

Not sure what you need? Contact our sales team at for help!

Speed up Site Migrations by Lowering Domain TTL Ahead of Time

When migrating your site to a new server, the site files and database transfer can be completed relatively quickly, but DNS propagation can take between 4 and 12 hours depending on your domain TTL. To reduce the time it takes for DNS propagation to complete, it is a good idea to lower the TTL at least 5 hours before beginning a migration. We recommend lowering the TTL one day ahead of time to ensure the change will take effect.

For example, if the TTL of your domain is set to 14400, this means that complete DNS propagation can take up to 4 hours. Go ahead and change this to 300-1200 the day before beginning the migration and then DNS propagation will only take 5-20 minutes to complete.

Since changing the TTL is subject to DNS propagation, it is important that you make the reduction well in advance of beginning the migration (such as the day before). Lowering the TTL immediately before performing the migration will not have any effect since the TTL change won’t propagate quickly enough.

To recap, lowering the TTL a day before beginning a site migration can significantly speed up the DNS propagation time and will help minimize downtime. Don’t forget to put the TTL back to a reasonable level once the migration is complete!

Enterprise Hardware with Bargain Prices in the Cloud!

Cloud servers have taken the hosting industry by storm offering features that were never possible with traditional servers but let’s talk about one of the underrated features of the Simple Helix cloud that you don’t hear about nearly as often. There are several types of server hardware which are all suited for different customer needs, some are more reliable and some lack redundant options which make servers less expensive but also less reliable.

We’ve learned from many years of hosting that uptime is king when it comes to making customers happy so that’s why we’re taking advantage of the ability to offer customers the best hardware available across the board no matter what the requirements. This is a huge revolution compared to traditional hosting where a lower cost server always meant lower grade hardware, in the SImple Helix cloud every customer is guaranteed top tier performance and reliability from the lowest to highest hosting plans.

Cloud hosting also allows customers to be supported by far faster hardware than most hosting providers even offer to their largest customers. Our cloud is built on lightning fast disk arrays that other providers can’t provide to their traditional server customers. We’ve also built the cloud with fully redundant hardware which means from beginning to end every piece of hardware in our cloud has another already configured so any hardware failure goes completely unnoticed to our customers. This level of redundancy has never been possible on dedicated servers before cloud technology made it a possibility.

In the end, this means every Simple Helix Cloud customer always gets fully redundant enterprise grade hardware regardless of the size of the server. That’s why we have hundreds of customers who have switched to our cloud servers and have never looked back!
Try a Simple Helix Cloud server today and see the difference for yourself!