About Alpha Hosting

Alpha Hosting was started on October 24th, 2001, by a long time Unix admin/tech support guy/network admin who felt that web hosting was simply overpriced. We are a privately held company that is growing at an astounding rate. Currently we host over 20,000 web sites and have over 6,000 customers. At our current rate of growth we’re adding over 100 customers per month. Alpha Hosting is here to stay, and we’re proof you can do it, do it right, and do it for a cost that’s reasonable.

Our Guarantee

Starting on January 1, 2003, we changed our prices and began offering a GUARANTEED uptime on all of our new premium web hosting plans. If your web site, databases, email, FTP, SSH or webmail is unusable as a result of a failure in our systems and for reasons other than previously announced scheduled maintenance, coding or configuration errors on your part, we’ll credit your next invoice with 1 day hosting free for each 1 hour of service interruption; up to 10% of your next pre-paid hosting renewal fee. Uptime is measured by www.hyperspin.com on a monthly basis and is tested every 5 minutes.

Our Network

Our servers are colocated in a large Atlanta data center which has redundant connections to more than four internet backbones and has upwards of 10 gigabits of active connectivity. Included in the mix is Cogent, Telia, PCCWBTN, Savvis, and Global Crossing. Our uptime approaches 100% and the GNAX network is fast.

Our Servers

The team behind Alpha Hosting has been building PCs and servers for a long time. From our rackmount cases with 500 watt power supplies to our mirrored hard drives, we handpick components and assemble every system ourselves. Our servers are solid and we know them inside and out.

Scope of Support

At Alpha Hosting, we understand that the technical support you receive from your web hosting provider is just as important as the service we deliver. We’re pleased to provide our customers with access to our 24/7 “in-house” Technical Support Team through our support ticket system. Due to the nature of web hosting, there are certain aspects of your site that Alpha Hosting cannot manage or support on your behalf for reasons of liability. For your convenience, we’ve provided the following document to outline what aspects of your website and hosting services our highly capable staff can assist you with.

Alpha Hosting Supports


If you’re on our shared servers, or one of our managed dedicated servers, then you can rest assured that Alpha Hosting is stringently monitoring your server day and night with protective measures in place and ready to go in the unlikely event that hardware failure should occur.

Server Software

We maintain, update, and secure all software on our servers such as PHP, Apache, and MySQL. While Alpha Hosting makes every attempt to keep our software “up to date”, we cannot guarantee that each server will always have the most recent version of all software installed.

DNS Zone Files

For clients using our DNS, we’ve got you covered by providing you with a DNS zone file adequate for typical hosting usage.

Basic Services

We know what our clients want and need, and we gladly support basic email function, web service, trouble shooting within your control panel, basic FTP and upon request we can enable SSH. We frequently monitor all of these services to ensure that they are working and functioning up to our high standards.

Our Clients Support

Basic Foundation

When you sign up for services, we assume that our clients have at least a sub structural understanding of the webhosting basics (email, FTP, DNS…etc). For our clients needing assistance in this area, we do provide basic tutorials for your control panel. You can view them here.

Domain Names

We do not have the ability to update nameservers or contact information of domain names that are not in our control. If you are not using our nameservers, we cannot adjust your DNS records. On a similar note, our clients are responsible for ensuring that their domain names transfer successfully to our system. Upon your request, we can investigate the status of a domain name transfer and even re-initiate the transfer if necessary. For answers to questions about your domain name transfer, visit our knowledgebase.

FTP and Email Client Configuration

As Alpha Hosting does not configure your FTP or Email Clients, we do not have the ability to support your advanced FTP or Email Client configurations. We may be able to offer advice regarding your set-up however, any suggestion offered by Alpha Hosting staff is to be implemented at the client’s discretion. Alpha Hosting will not accept responsibility for the outcome of any instruction offered outside our Scope of Support.

Scripts and Applications

Alpha Hosting cannot provide support for your customized script or application. We may be able to provide suggestions or support for some common applications, though there may be an additional charge associated with such support. Not to worry, Alpha Hosting will notify you of any support related charges before proceeding with the requested support.

Site Content

While Alpha Hosting staff can ensure that FTP and your control panel are functioning properly, our clients are responsible for adding and editing site content. This includes but is not limited to: adding images, removing images, uploading video, editing HTML or programming.